See how easily you will learn!

So how will we teach you so much Hebrew vocabulary in such a relatively short time? We have a special teaching method:

  • Hebrew-in-Hebrew – during the classes, our teachers use only Hebrew, so you can experience a Hebrew environment, helping you absorb the language. 
  • Live classes – our teachers are there with you in real-time, so you can ask any question you want and get an immediate answer. 
  • Experienced Israeli teachers – all our teachers are certified Israeli teachers who can introduce you to the language as it is really spoken in Israel. 
  • Practice lessons – in addition to your lesson, we have extra lessons where you can practice what you learned in real conversations. 

All this will help you in daily conversations, so you can easily learn 400 new words and start enjoying speaking a new and exciting language! Enroll in our live online Hebrew classes and you will be able to have a basic conversation in Hebrew in no time!