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    We know there are many ways to learn Hebrew: many instruction videos and colorful books that all try to teach this language. But none of them can really take you all the way – to truly knowing Hebrew and the Israeli culture, you need to have it all in one place that can support you and answer your every question. 

    You might ask, what one place can give you that kind of attention and be invested in your success? What one place will work hard to ensure you successfully finish your course and be able to speak Hebrew in less than a year? The answer to that is the Rosen School! 

    It's all in our method for teaching, which we have perfected through over 20 years of experience – teaching Hebrew-in-Hebrew, with native Israeli teachers and online classes you can take from the comfort of your home. Sound good? Join us and take part in this exciting experience!

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Our Academic Partner:The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

The Rosen School of Hebrew offers certification programs where students can become fully certified experts of biblical languages and studies. Students who take biblical language courses can also get university credits from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.








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