Bond with Israel’s heart

Just like the volunteers on Israeli farms have developed ties to the Holy Land, you too can experience a life changing moment. It is during times of crisis that understanding becomes crucial. So, take inspiration from the resilience of these volunteers at Ein HaBesor and contribute to Israel’s story, by enrolling in our modern Hebrew course. The Rosen School of Hebrew is your vehicle to learning the language that echoes through the hothouses and fields, connecting to the heart of Israel. 

Why choose Our Modern Hebrew Course? 

Immerse yourself in Hebrew through dynamic virtual classes and unlimited practice sessions, for a guaranteed pathway to fluency. You will master the Hebrew alphabet, main vowels, and enhance your vocabulary to effortlessly engage in Hebrew conversations. Under the guidance of our dedicated and native Hebrew-speaking teachers, you won’t only connect to Israel but deepen your cultural insights too. 

It’s time you embraced the beauty of Hebrew. Enroll today to start your transformative online journey.